Kokedama – Tillandsia Cyanea

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Maintenance :: Low
Plant Type :: Perennial flowering plant
Size :: around 9cm (Moss Ball) 19cm overall height

This beautiful and stylish sitting Tillandsia Cyanea Pink Quill Kokedama will arrive with a white spoon shaped ceramic dish so that you can place it anywhere in your living space and enjoy it right away. Tillandsia Cyanea is the only bromeliad from the Tillandsia genus that can be grown in soil.

This stunning and eye catching kokedama string garden brings art and nature into your living space simultaneously and also makes for an awesome low maintenance gifts for plant lovers.
Care instructions are included.

Kokedama Care Guide

Water : Every 10 – 14 days when the moss ball feels light and dry. Allow to dry between the watering.
Light : Bright indirect light
Humidity : important. Regular spraying and/or gravel tray is recommended
Temperature: room temperature the year round with a winter minimum of 15 °C/59 °F

You can let the kokedama dry out slightly between watering. Watering is easy, just dip the moss ball in a bowl of water for 10 minutes, squeeze excess water out and place it back in the dish and enjoy 😉

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