Corroboree Frog and Carnivorous Pitcher Plants in an Orb Terrarium

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Inspired by Corroboree Frog, one of Australia’s most endangered species this orb terrarium houses exotic carnivorous Pitcher Plants and will make an awesome living gifts for anyone who is looking for something unusual. It is a wonderful way to bring little pieces of nature into your homes and gives you a chance to enjoy them in your living space.

This charming round glass orb terrarium is around 12cm in height and 12cm in diameter and can sit or be hung comes with a Corroboree Frog replica, sphagnum moss, spanish moss and easy care guide.

Terrarium Care

Pitcher Plant need damp condition, bright indirect/filtered light and humid environment to thrive. Keeping in mind that there is no drainage hole in a terrarium, when watering pitcher plant keep the soil moist but not soggy. The pitchers’ of the Pitcher Plant contains a digestive liquid that will trap unsuspecting insects. You are welcome to give them a monthly treat of a tiny insect found outside or around the house.

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